The Makers Archive is an ongoing series of video portraits documenting and showcasing passion and how it manifests in different creators, thinkers, artists, and makers. Paired with these short vignettes, where applicable, is a small online store. Alongside the video portraits are lines of limited edition work. The store serves as a way to support the project and its makers - honoring object and origin, and the relationship between the maker and the made.

Our portraits are about honest representation. We begin every production by asking the featured artist, "What do you want to see and hear in this video?" These video portraits are made with and for the artists that they feature. They are heavily collaborative, which is a crucial component to the integrity of our practice. We believe it would damage the authenticity of our portraits, and the honest representation of our makers to include any advertisements in our videos- and this is why we are turning to our community for support. 

Please consider supporting The Makers Archive by becoming a patron or making a one-time donation. Your support breathes life into the project, and we are so happy to be able to do what we do. For more information on how you can support The Makers Archive, please visit our support page.

One-time donation

The Makers Archive Logo was designed by Talia Migliaccio.

The Makers Archive motion graphics were created by Sheet Fortress.